Philly Officer Threatens City’s DA-Elect In A Trump-Style Tantrum

Philly Officer Threatens City’s DA-Elect In A Trump-Style Tantrum

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Philadelphia’s settlers named the city after the Greek words “brother” and “love” and eventually, it turned into the well known saying, “Philadelphia: The City of brotherly love.” Except… It’s not really. Not when almost the entire police force threatens the DA-elect as it throws a nasty temper tantrum in public that they could rival one thrown by President Donald Trump.

All because they’re angry that Philadelphians didn’t vote for Republican District Attorney candidate Beth Grossman, whom the police endorsed. Instead, they chose the Democratic candidate; Black Lives Matter-endorsed civil rights attorney Larry Krasner, for District Attorney.

And they gave Krasner what the Philadelphia Inquirer called a “landslide victory” even after the entire Fraternal Order Of Police, Lodge 5, campaigned for, donated $12,500 to, and endorsed Grossman – about 300 members in all.

Philadelphians rejected the officers’ use of traditional Republican fear-mongering and chose someone they thought could clean up the city.  And that choice pisses off Philadelphia’s officers.

How dare the Philly residents vote for someone other than for whom the officers told them to vote? The police told them exactly who they wanted. It’s not like they live in a democracy and have free will, after all.

Oh… Right. Too bad, so sad.

Police officers and the city’s DA are supposed to work together to make citizens safer – not be at each others’ throats. But the FOP officers are so upset that a few of them went on to physically threaten Krasner while throwing a very public temper tantrum. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Officer John Graziano called Krasner a ‘creepo scumbag.’ And Officer Steve Mancuso wrote: ‘He’s got that look on his face you just wanna wipe off with a bitch slap.'”

A bitch slap? Yes. He really said that. And we should take him seriously too because officer Mancuso is no stranger to violence complaints, or manhandling suspects and non-suspects alike while on the job.

In fact, you likely know Officer Mancuso as the undercover officer involved in the violent takedown of a husband and wife couple of Eagles fans. Mancuso and a stadium security guard caused severe injuries to both Gary and Margaretta Strain. They sued and settled out of court with Officer Mancuso and the department.

Philadelphia’s police also have a history of mistreating Democratic DAs. They regularly fought with and even sued former DA, Seth Williams, alleging he didn’t do his job.

Officer Marc Marchetti said in a recently deleted Facebook post using the hashtag #notmyDA” that:

“He [the District Attorney] doesn’t give me my arrest powers so [I] don’t care. No blood on my hands when he lets the sh*tbags out.”

Philly residents who back Krasner responded:

Another commenter on the post accused voters of choosing anyone so long as they’re on the Democratic ticket:

“Hitler could run for DA or Mayor on the Democratic ticket and win.”

Officer Marchetti’s partner, Kevin Klein, posted a video of Marchetti making a fool of himself and the department. The video depicted Marchetti calling a law office to “congratulate” the DA-elect. According to, Marchetti prank called the law office, and asked for DA-elect Krasner. Except that Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo doesn’t have Krasner’s name on it, and has nothing to do with the DA-elect.

The report notes it appears to all the world that Klein made the video of his partner making a prank call from inside the department, and on the force’s time.

Is this really the bullshit that Philly taxpayers are paying for?

You’d think these officers have something better to do than act like children. You know, like arrest rapists and murderers, and keep Philly’s residents safe.

Too bad for Philadelphia’s officers that residents have a mind of their own, and Philly residents tend to prefer equal justice under the law, which is what they’ll get from DA-elect Krasner. Justice.

Not arrests and convictions at any cost, as has been the history of Philly’s police.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video and Krasner Transition.