Previously Skeptical Conservative Says He Thinks Robert Mueller Has A Case Against Trump

Previously Skeptical Conservative Says He Thinks Robert Mueller Has A Case Against Trump

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John Podhortez is a conservative columnist who has been critical of the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but he says he’s changed his mind after Thursday, when former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said in his plea agreement that Trump has long had connections to Russia.

Podhortez, who writes for the New York Post, notes in his Thursday column that Cohen’s plea deal changes everything for him:

“For starters, we now know, from the plea deal between Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and special counsel Robert Mueller that the Trump organization was actively seeking business opportunities in Moscow even as Trump was securing the GOP nomination. Given the transactional nature of both Trump and Putin, the idea that quid pro quos might have been discussed is impossible to dismiss.”

Then Podhoretz dives into the other factors that eliminated his initial skepticism as it relates to the Mueller probe:

“We have, in the past few days, learned of the first possible connection between Russian intelligence and actions taken by the president. This is a little hard to unravel. There’s a radio guy named Randy Credico. There’s a conspiracy monger named Jerome Corsi. And there’s Trump political consigliere Roger Stone.”

Finally, the revelation this week that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement with the Mueller team by lying and funneling details back to the president’s legal team, also made Podhoretz sit up and take notice, he admits:

“One last point: Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who received tens of millions from Ukrainian politicians aligned with Moscow. Manafort was tried and convicted on charges brought by Mueller, but none of them related to the campaign.

“Mueller may not be done with him, and clearly Manafort isn’t done with Trump, either. So those who are as collusion-skeptical as I was might want to keep your powder dry.”

While it’s certainly encouraging to see formerly critical conservatives like John Podhoretz connect the dots and come to the obvious conclusion that Trump has been in bed with Russia for years, the question remains: Will any Congressional Republicans grow spines and do what’s best for the country, or will they keep their heads buried in the sand, willing to remain ostriches who enable this lawless president?

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