Rachel Maddow Predicts Donald Trump Jr. Is Next To Be Indicted By Mueller (Video)

Rachel Maddow Predicts Donald Trump Jr. Is Next To Be Indicted By Mueller (Video)

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Now that President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, has accepted a plea deal and indicated that he has evidence there was indeed collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, the next person to be indicted is probably the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., according to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

On her show Thursday evening, Maddow noted that Cohen’s plea agreement was for the charge of lying to Congress. Don Jr. also testified before the House and Senate intelligence committees, and if he also lied, that places him in harm’s way when it comes to a charge of perjury. Maddow went on to explain that Mueller is clearly not about to let anyone get away with lying under oath:

“What happened today with Michael Cohen tells us a few different things that are really interesting in terms of where we are as a country right now and where this presidency is and is going. Number one, it tells us that Mueller’s prosecutors are willing to bring felony charges against people who have lied to Congress in conjunction with this scandal.”

Maddow then referenced a recent article in Vanity Fair which reported that Don Jr. was terrified he would be indicted after the midterm election was concluded:

“Vanity Fair reported weeks ago that the president’s eldest son, Don Jr., has been very concerned and there have been serious concerns in the White House that he would be indicted for having lied to Congress. I was never quite sure how seriously to take those kinds of reported worries, but if you didn’t take the prospect of felony indictments for lying to Congress — if you didn’t take those prospects seriously before, now that somebody just plead guilty to a felony for lying to Congress, you take that more seriously after today.”

If Donald Trump Jr. did indeed lie during his testimony to Congress, it seems likely there is indeed a indictment with his name on it. Now imagine how terrified and angry the president will be when he sees his son being hauled into court and charged with a crime.

Here’s Rachel explaining why Don Jr. should be very nervous:

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