Watch Randy Rainbow’s ‘Desperate Cheeto.’ Best. Rainbow. Yet.

Watch Randy Rainbow’s ‘Desperate Cheeto.’ Best. Rainbow. Yet.

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Randy Rainbow has a talent for musical theater and a penchant for political Satire. His latest video,  “Desperate Cheeto,” is a departure from his more classical approach to comedy and honestly his best one yet.

A parody of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee, this song is masterfully adapted into a scathing satiric b*tchslap. 

“You’ve had a rough week, for about a year now,” Randy starts out his “interview” with Donald Trump. It get’s more truthful, more pointed, and more on point as it goes. “Screwing it up since the election, completely devoid of introspection, you’re more abnormal than your pumpkin-like complexion.” Then, he starts reflecting the fears of our entire nation.

How can we have chosen such a mental case? Every day you devastate the human race. America, good luck so long and sayonara, “bye bye.” I mean no disrespect by you’re a big disgrace and what is all the orange stuff on your face, maybe you should just admit you’re a “Desperate Cheeto.”

Wishing that our “president” would stop saying things that make him “sound like a dumb-dumb,” the rhythm and snarky lyrics will have you dancing in your seat and laughing inappropriately – you have been warned.

Honestly, this is the best parody of Despacito since Mikey Busto’s mega-viral hit, “I wear Speedos.” It is one of, if not the best video that Rainbow has put out, and he dead-on predicted what a “President Trump” would look like way back when the GOP declared him their candidate.

Enjoy the Despacito parody, Desperate Cheeto, here:

Still in the mood to groove? Here is another body-positive Despacito Parody:

Remember, laughter is healthy and it is how many of us deal with stress. Pass it on, you know someone else that would love both of these!