Republican Congressman Says Trump Has Eliminated Racism In The U.S. (Video)

Republican Congressman Says Trump Has Eliminated Racism In The U.S. (Video)

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Last week, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) got his feelings hurt when Maxine Waters (D-CA) dared to suggest that racial discrimination still exists in the United States, even in the area of auto lending (Kelly is an auto dealer), and now he’s trying to suggest that Democrats are un-American for saying such things because President Donald Trump has erased the problem of racism in America.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Kelly began by saying Congressional Democrats should never talk about racism. The reason? Because the economy is doing well:

“We have seen the economy take off,. I just think that if you come to the floor and there are 60 minutes to debate. 30 minutes on each side. But as I was sitting there, I had 30 minutes of Democrats coming down and talking about how bad automobile people are because they discriminate against nonwhite buyers. I said that’s not America. We don’t talk about those things.”

Yes, Congressman, we DO talk about those things, mainly because they need to be discussed until the problem is solved.

While he was at it, Kelly also seemed to suggest that racism had disappeared from the country, all thanks to Donald Trump:

“We are a people of diversity, but we come together to make America great again. When I’ve seen what President Trump has done and you come in this area you can see it. It is so uplifting. Look at this, you say ‘if your only platform is hate and resistance and not about bringing the country together again’ — I mean, listen, we are still the United States of America, not Divided States of America, and if we can’t talk better than what happened on the floor the other day. I was disappointed and the Democrats that came down, every single person demagoguing and talking about how bad automobile people are. It’s just not true.”

Poor Mike Kelly! His feelings are hurt because people don’t trust car salesmen. Of course, the reason there’s so much distrust of those who sell cars is that some of them are only too happy to try and rip off consumers.

As for Kelly’s claims of racism being dead because of Trump “making America great,” that alone proves the Pennsylvania Congressman needs to be replaced by someone — anyone! — who might actually have a damn clue.

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