Republicans Just Voted to Gut Obamacare

Republicans Just Voted to Gut Obamacare

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The House passed the AHCA. By a four-vote margin, Republicans just cleared the first hurdle in their race to take away Obamacare.

If the legislation passes as-is, here’s what we have to look forward to.

According to Mother Jones

The Republican bill is a hodgepodge of policies overturning Obamacare. It includes the most controversial parts of the original Obamacare repeal bill that Republicans pushed for in March. For example, it would replace the current Obamacare assistance for premiums—which guarantee that lower-income families will only have to devote a certain percentage of their income to buying insurance—with a lower subsidy based strictly on age. It also ends Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and imposes a cap on all Medicaid funding; those provisions will result in the government spending $880 million less on Medicaid over the next decade, lowering annual Medicaid spending by 25 percent in 2026 and covering 14 million fewer people through that program. The bill also replaces Obamacare’s age restrictions: Current law allows insurance companies to charge older Americans a maximum of three times as much as younger people. Trumpcare would bump that ratio up to 5-to-1, raising the rates cut Medicaid funding by 25 percent, allow older Americans to be charged higher health insurance premiums, and scrap all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. It would also allow states to permit insurance companies to charge more for people with preexisting conditions and to choose not to provide a range of benefits, including maternity care and mental health coverage.

Although very little of that matters if your state utilizes the MacArthur Amendment which was added to the bill after a few ultra-conservative Republicans demanded more cuts. They got it. The MacArthur Amendment allows states to,

opt out of preexisting-condition protections and requirements for essential benefits coverage. Republicans have claimed that people with medical problems would be taken care of through so-called high-risk pools, but the Republicans’ bill is light on details requiring states to implement those risk-pools and would only devote a small portion of the funding necessary to cover everyone with preexisting conditions.

Trumpcare ditches a lot of protections for the poor and the sick. But Republicans still get something they like out of the bill: tax cuts for the rich. The legislation eliminates all of the taxes in Obamacare—totaling more than $1 trillion—which mostly hit the top slice of the wealthy.

So now it’s off to the Senate where Majority Leader McConnell has shown that Republicans will do whatever it takes to destroy anything remotely associated with Obama.