The Resistance: Olbermann Reveals Why Nine Percent Changes Everything

The Resistance: Olbermann Reveals Why Nine Percent Changes Everything

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A new poll released by ABC News/ Washington Post reveals exactly how horrendous Trump’s approval in America is one year in. The results are historically abysmal for Trump in almost all ways. He has the lowest approval recorded for any president since 1946, which is when the polling started: Trump is at 37 percent. Yet shockingly, if the election took place again today, ninety-one percent of Trump voters say they’d support him again. As it turns out, that remaining nine percent would make a whole universe of difference, as revealed by The Resistance with Keith Olbermann.

That’s right. It’s…well, deplorable, but even though 65 percent of Americans say Trump isn’t honest or trustworthy, and two-thirds (66 percent) say he lacks the personality and temperament to be president, 91 percent of Trump supporters are still with him. Staggering.

Even worse, another recent poll from Public Policy Polling showed that 79 percent of Trump voters thought he should remain in office even if he is found guilty of collusion with Russia.

Yet despite the  astonishing realization that most Trump supporters are still clinging to him, even if he’s a total liar who cheated with a foreign power to get elected, that all-important nine percent is a number that would change everything for America today. It would have changed history if those voters had simply known exactly who Trump really is.

“That seemingly tiny number: nine percent, who would not vote for Trump today would have been enough to prevent this –To prevent the greatest tragedy in American history,” says Olbermann.

A powerful quote comes to mind here:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~Maraget Meade

Keith elaborates on the math with a state-by-state breakdown, showing exactly how this group of people could really have changed it all. The numbers don’t lie, and Hillary Clinton would have received more than enough Electoral College votes. In fact, Clinton would have won by more than Obama beat Mitt Romney in 2012 had only those nine percent known the truth.

Watch the video with Olbermann to find out what the upside to this story is. It may be just what you need to keep on resisting.

The Trump Voters Who’ve Had Enough from The Resistance with Keith Olbermann below:

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