Richard Painter Slams Trump Family As ‘Dangerous Hypocrites’ After Ivanka Email Scandal

Richard Painter Slams Trump Family As ‘Dangerous Hypocrites’ After Ivanka Email Scandal

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Former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter eviscerated President Donald Trump and his corrupt family on Tuesday over Ivanka’s email scandal and Trump’s hypocritical response to it.

Government watchdog groups revealed earlier this week that Ivanka sent hundreds of emails concerning government business using a personal email account, which is the same thing Trump has repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton for doing as Secretary of State.

Trump has demanded that Clinton be prosecuted and jailed, resulting in his supporters chanting “Lock Her Up!” at rallies across the country.

But rather than admit his daughter did something wrong, Trump defended her by claiming that her use of a private email is different because none of her emails allegedly contained classified information. Her attorney also claims that Ivanka did not know the rules even though she spent months listening to her dad demonize Clinton for doing the same thing.

Of course, we don’t actually know what government business Ivanka was conducting using her personal account, which is why an investigation is warranted.

And Painter, who served during the Bush administration and repeatedly reminded officials not to conduct White House business using personal email, agrees.

“Ivanka Trump is one more official who has chosen not to follow the rules,” he began.

Painter compared Trump’s “lock her up” chants to something out of Nuremberg in Nazi Germany and said that’s not what should happen to anyone, including Ivanka. But he made it clear that something needs to be done.

“The United States government — including the House of Representatives, the FBI, and yes, Robert Mueller — needs to go through that email, all of her email and find out what is in there that’s relevant to the United States government, what is relevant to Russia, Saudi Arabia or any other foreign powers that have sought to influence our government. If people choose to use their personal email for U.S. government business that should be subject to investigation. This is a very dangerous situation we’re in right now.”

Indeed, who knows what Ivanka is trying to hide by using a personal account instead of her official government account.

In addition, Painter wants to see Jared Kushner’s emails as well because he was also using a personal email account.

“I also want to see what’s in Jared’s emails because apparently he was doing the same thing,” he said, going on to point out that Kushner attempted to set up a backdoor channel of communication with Russia. “We need those emails and we need them now.”

Painted also called out Trump’s authoritarian obsession with prosecuting his political opponents and critics, which would be an abuse of power..

“This is the way business is done in dictatorships,” he said. “You prosecute your political opponents,” he said, concluding by slamming Trump’s hypocrisy.

“Yes there’s hypocrisy — the email episode shows hypocrisy — but these are very dangerous hypocrites. And we need to have serious investigations as to what they’ve done to collude with foreign powers and how they’re trying to destroy our democracy. That’s just one more piece of evidence that these people do not want to function within a democratic system.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.


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