Rick Scott Rejects Trump’s Denial Of Puerto Rico Death Toll And Angers Conservatives

Rick Scott Rejects Trump’s Denial Of Puerto Rico Death Toll And Angers Conservatives

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Florida Governor and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott shot himself in the foot on Thursday by criticizing President Donald Trump’s denial of Puerto Rico’s death toll stemming from Hurricane Maria.

On Thursday morning, Trump accused Democrats of faking the death toll to make him “look bad.”

The backlash against Trump has been enormous ever since because the death toll was tallied by a study commissioned by the government of Puerto Rico, and it found that most of the deaths were preventable if the federal government responded better to get the island the resources it needed instead of abandoning the people to largely fend for themselves without electricity, clean water, food, medical supplies, and shelter.

Rick Scott would chime in later on by disagreeing with Trump.

And by doing so, Scott drew outrage from Trump supporters who could decide not to vote for him in November because they see his disagreement as a betrayal even though Trump is wrong.

Rick Scott is currently in a tight race with Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and is clearly trying to pander to independents and Hispanics in the state by pretending that he is willing to challenge Trump, whom he supports.

He must be truly desperate to win if he is willing to risk enraging his own base. In the end, however, Scott more than likely just hobbled his own campaign.


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