Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles: ‘Deep State’ Pedophiles Will Murder Republican Voters (VIDEO)

Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles: ‘Deep State’ Pedophiles Will Murder Republican Voters (VIDEO)

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Fresh from claiming that Democrats will murder Republican voters to win the election in 2020, Christian broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles is at it again. Only this time he’s saying that the only way to prevent a violent rebellion on the part of Democrats is by throwing money at him. Maybe he didn’t say it just like that, but he sure insinuates that on his TruNews show, notes Hemant Mehta, in his column The Friendly Atheist.

On his broadcast, following President Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin, he asked his audience for donations so that he can keep his network afloat, RightWingWatch reports. So that he can provide “real” news coverage of the day’s events, thus preventing those nefarious and perverted “deep state” “pedophiles” from wreaking havoc in America and killing conservatives.

“We’re in for the fight of our lives,” Wiles says. “If these people get power in this country again, you and I are toast, we’re done. Do you understand that? If they regain power, you and I are history. They’re coming after us.”

Those murderous “perverts” are going to wipe out the competition, he insists.

“They will exterminate all opposition,” he says. “These people are ruthless. They’re murderers, they’re perverts, they’re pedophiles, they’re the worst scum that’s ever crawled on this planet and they’re dangerous.”

No doubt he’s trying to panic his equally delusional listeners with blatant homophobia, even going as far as to blame the Las Vegas massacre on a “gay/lesbian Nazi regime.”

Seriously, when Wiles brings the crazy, he almost makes Alex Jones seem normal.

And in this latest episode, he insists those of us who are the opposites of conservatives are out to commit mayhem.

“They will do anything to hold on to power, including exterminating their domestic opponents,” Wiles says ominously, “because they’re driven with madness, total madness. When you reject God, you’re opening your mind to madness. And these people have rejected God, they rejected God decades ago and madness has taken over.”

But as Mehta notes, Wiles never says how giving him money will stop the pervert onslaught slaughter we demented progressives are planning.

Mehta adds:

“(The plan is so secret, no Democrat has even heard about it.) I had no idea the party of gun control, vegans, and universal healthcare was so hell-bent on murder.”

He also has a bit of fun lampooning Wiles for coming up short in the critical thinking department:

“It’s amazing how we have no power right now and want to regain it…even though we’ll do anything to hold on to power,” he writes.

You know, because circular logic. Which is defined by LogicallyFallacious as:

“A type of reasoning in which the proposition is supported by the premises, which is supported by the proposition, creating a circle in reasoning where no useful information is being shared. This fallacy is often quite humorous.”

Hell, conspiracy theorists like Wiles do this all the time. But it’s not funny when they do. It’s scary and creepy.

Just how creepy? Watch Wiles in the video below to decide for yourself.

Featured image courtesy of RWW Blog via YouTube