Rick Wilson Guts Trump For Attacking Our NATO Allies

Rick Wilson Guts Trump For Attacking Our NATO Allies

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Republican strategist Rick Wilson took aim at President Donald Trump on Tuesday night for spending much of the day launching attack after attack on NATO, the cornerstone of our national security alliance with Europe.

Trump launched several vicious attacks against NATO on Twitter this week, including these posts on Tuesday demanding that our allies reimburse the United States and threatening the organization over the trade deficit with the European Union.

It’s once again important to note that the United States only pays for about 22 percent of NATO. The rest of the members handle the rest. Furthermore, every nation has until 2024 to raise defense spending to 2 percent of GDP. None of the members owe the United States anything because that’s not how NATO works. Trump seems to think it’s a protection racket in which other nations pay us to protect them. That’s not the case, as Wilson explained on CNN after he slammed Trump for threatening an alliance that has lasted since World War II.

“This is a moment of disaster already for our European allies,” Wilson began. “He’s eager as a schoolgirl for this meeting with Vladimir Putin and he’s throwing all sorts of shade and hating on our NATO allies, folks that have stood with us for 70 years.”

“He’s resisting the entreaties of both the allies and his own staff to please issue a statement about Article 5, which is the provision in the NATO treaty that says an attack on one is an attack on all,” Wilson pointed out. “The last time Article 5 was invoked was 9/11 and NATO allies were calling us within hours, the rubble was still smoking when they were volunteering to help us.”

“Donald Trump is signaling that unless he gets his cut of the vig on this thing he’s going to walk away on this alliance,” Wilson concluded. “This is a moment of incredible political and global tragedy if we let this slip away. It feels a lot like Donald Trump wants to throw it out of the window.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

One day soon, Americans are going to wake up to Russia on our doorstep because NATO will be gone. And there will be no one to help us because Trump drove away all of our friends. The free world is going to fall on Trump’s watch, all while Putin celebrates the success of his puppet.


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