Rick Wilson: Trump’s Corruption Will Doom Republican Enablers ‘Down The Chain’

Rick Wilson: Trump’s Corruption Will Doom Republican Enablers ‘Down The Chain’

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President Donald Trump’s growing list of scandals and obvious corruption is causing his administration to crumble around him as new polls reveal that fewer Americans support him than ever before, and Rick Wilson says Republicans “down the chain” will pay the price.

Speaking candidly as usual during an appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday, Wilson slammed Trump’s corrupt administration and predicted that Republicans are not only screwed this November when the midterm election arrives, they will be doomed in 2020 as well as Democrats conduct their own investigations into Trump’s behavior and actions.

“This administration is going to go down as one of the most corrupt presidential administrations ever,” Wilson said. “It’s not just the impeachment hearings are coming. It’s not just that the other scandals and corruptions inside this administration are going to be put under the hot lights, and that’s going to be the narrative all through ’19 and all through the first part of 2020, is that this is a profoundly venal and corrupt man and everyone down the chain from him has their own venal corruption about them. It’s also going to be they can’t run the blocking and tackling against the Russia investigation and the attacks on the Justice Department that Mark Meadows and Devin Nunes and these guys have been doing for months.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

Republicans have been reluctant to investigate Trump’s administration in full force, choosing instead to investigate the investigators such as the FBI while being complicit with Trump’s agenda and ignoring his corrupt activities. Democrats are poised to retake the House in November, and possibly even the Senate. When they do, they can conduct the investigations that Republicans refused to conduct. And that will make the threat of impeachment even more possible since new damning revelations discovered by new investigations could force some Republicans to finally put country over party.

Despite what Trump claims, Democrats lead congressional polls and have a good shot at taking the Senate as well. Polls also show that Americans want Trump to testify in the Russia probe and that more Americans support Special Counsel Robert Mueller than support Trump. An increasing percentage of Americans also want Trump impeached. None of these numbers bode well for the GOP as November 6th approaches. Republicans are going to learn that they made a huge mistake by not standing up to Trump when they had the chance, and that mistake could cost them elections for years down the road. That will give the Republican Party plenty of time to cast out the extremists and racists who poisoned the party to start with and come back towards the center instead of pandering to a dwindling conservative base that betrayed their country in pursuit of power.


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