Russia might become a Pariah, according to UK Minister

Russia might become a Pariah, according to UK Minister

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British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is the latest figure to share his opinion on the Russia’s investigation for war crimes in Syria. On Tuesday, he accused Moscow of a deadly attack on an aid convoy. He shared his opinion while speaking with the UK Parliament. Johnson explained how Russia might become some kind of “pariah” in the eyes of many. Also, he specified the fact the all of the evidence from the 19 September attack on the convoy are pointing towards Russia. According to him, the attack could be seen from satellite and it is clear as day that it happened after nightfall. The attack killed more than 20 people.

Johnson explained how Syria’s warplanes do not have permission to strike after dark. And that, at the same time, it just happened that Russia’s warplanes were close by. What a coincidence! So according to him, Russia is surely responsible for last month’s convoy attack. Since September last year, Russia has been conducting airstrikes in order to help the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. But what is interesting is that both states have denied any involvement in the aid convoy attack. Those declarations practically brought the end of an already weak ceasefire.

People killed in Aleppo strikes

Reportedly, as many as 16 people lost their lives during the attacks on Aleppo. This happened after six calm days, the residents are saying. Someone posted a video on the internet which shows a now ghostly Aleppo in ruins, after the strikes.

20 airstrikes hit seven eastern areas on the rebel-held city. But the heaviest ones happened in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood. Reportedly, missiles landed very close to a school and a market. Boris Johnson had something to say about this too. He declared that the fact that schools and hospitals are targeted during those airstrikes is absolutely abominable. Also, this might also prove that those strikes are a well thought strategy, and are not just hitting randomly. And the problem is that an attack on a hospital counts as war crime. He called for a thorough investigation of all these incidents and the gathering of evidence to prove that Russia is indeed to blame. He even alluded that people should start demonstrating outside London’s Russian Embassy.

Putin cancelled a visit in France

On Tuesday, Russia president Vladimir Putin reportedly cancelled a visit in France. The problem is that French president Francois Hollande apparently accused the Kremlin of war crimes in Syria too. Hollande too thought about cancelling the meeting after Russia cancelled a UN Security Council resolution which France and Spain had put forward.  

In the Syrian war (which is has now went on for five years), the city of Aleppo is the middle of the battleground. Rebels conquered its eastern part in 2012 and the government imposed siege has cut food, water, medical and powers supplies for the people left there. Johnson called the situation in Aleppo a result of the “Assad killing machine”. Also, he thinks that this siege is the deadliest one since the beginning of the Syrian war.

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