Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Pledges To Keep Investigating Rape Allegations Against Kavanaugh

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Pledges To Keep Investigating Rape Allegations Against Kavanaugh

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Even though Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may wind up being confirmed by the Senate to serve on the highest court in the nation, one senator is vowing he will not rest until the full story of whether or not Kavanaugh committed sexual assault and rape is exposed and made public.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), said Friday during a session of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford extremely credible testimony about a sexual assault she says Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, committed when she was only 15. Kavanaugh, Whitehouse then noted, was not credible at all:

“Kavanaugh dodged and dissembled, ranted and raved, filibustered — I did not find him credible. I don’t believe ‘boof’ is flatulence, I don’t believe the devil’s triangle is a drinking game, and I don’t believe calling yourself a girl’s alumnus is being her friend, and I think drinking until you ‘ralph’ or fall out of the bus or don’t remember the game or need to piece together your memory the next day is more consistent with Dr. Ford’s and others’ testimony than his own.”

Whitehouse then pointed to a calendar Kavanaugh had kept while in high school and said it appears to prove that the attack on Dr. Ford happened did indeed take place:

“We know ‘Bart’ Kavanaugh was there because it’s his schedule, and here’s Judge, and here’s PJ, here are all those three named boys and others at a house together just as she said. She said Kavanaugh and Judge were drunk and that she had a beer. (The calendar shows) skis — (or) brewskis, beer. They were drinking, just as she said.”

Finally, Senator Whitehouse — who is a former prosecutor — promised he would continue to pursue the matter, regardless of how long it takes:

“We have done a botch of the investigation, over time I expect the facts to come out. They have a way of doing that. Cover-ups never last. The sand is running through Kavanaugh’s hourglass, and I pledge whatever I can do to make sure that the truth of his conduct is ultimately determined.”

Yes, the facts do indeed have a way of coming out, as we’ve seen countless times when it comes to political scandals. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton found that out the hard way.

Here’s Senator Whitehouse earlier today:

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