Stephen Miller Gets Slammed By His Uncle For Helping Trump Vilify Immigrants

Stephen Miller Gets Slammed By His Uncle For Helping Trump Vilify Immigrants

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President Donald Trump’s vicious smear campaign to vilify immigrants is aided by his adviser Stephen Miller, whose uncle is not pleased about it at all.

Miller is considered the driving force of Trump’s Muslim ban and the family separations at the border, which include placing children in cages at internment camps, leading many to believe that Miller is a white nationalist.

Indeed, Miller does have white nationalist connections, including to neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer.

Trump’s vitriol toward the migrants who are walking to the southern U.S. border smacks of Miller’s handiwork.

Miller’s uncle, David Glosser, appeared on CNN Thursday to give his nephew a swift kick in the ass for helping Trump demonize immigrants despite the fact that his own family fled to the United States to escape anti-Jewish persecution.

“Our family would not have survived or existed had it not been for the opportunity to immigrate here to the United States,” Glosser told CNN host Alisyn Camerota.

Glosser pointed out that Miller’s mother would not have been born had her parents not been allowed to immigrate to the United States because they would have been murdered during the Holocaust. As it turns out, some of Miller’s ancestors who did not escape were killed.

Many of the migrants marching toward the United States are also doing so to escape persecution and death in search of a better, more peaceful life.

“They are just like our family,” Glosser said. “We needed to come here. We needed to find someplace to go and those that couldn’t suffered the consequences.”

He then called out Trump’s lies about the migrants, which include claims that they are invaders who are going to force their way into the country.

“This is again a recourse to a tactic known as the big lie,” Glosser said. “The people that are coming up from Central America now, they are going to present at the border. Each one of them, the few that are going to finally make it to the border, they are all going to be interviewed by Homeland Security experts. Before they can be admitted to the United States, they have to be able to make a case before an immigration judge demonstrating they are refugees.”

“We are getting no moral leadership from the President, who is happy to condemn these people who are like our family, like my family,” he continued.

He then blasted Miller for being a un-American hypocrite.

“This institutional political racism sweeping across the country, focused on vilifying people that you don’t know, people who are really just like us, to me it’s a complete repudiation of the American dream,” he concluded. “I don’t think Mr. Trump has much to offer except for the hate.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Americans need to remember that their own ancestors came here to escape persecution and war in search of freedom and peace. That’s what the thousands of migrants from Central America are seeking for themselves and their own families. Turning them away would be a betrayal of our values and the values of Americans who gave fleeing immigrants a place to call home in the past.

Immigrants have always made our country stronger. Rejecting them would only make us weaker.


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