Steve Schmidt: Republicans Are Going To Act Like Trump Now Because They Lost The House

Steve Schmidt: Republicans Are Going To Act Like Trump Now Because They Lost The House

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Ex-GOP strategist Steve Schmidt warned America on Election Night that Republicans are going to be more like President Donald Trump in response to losing control of the House to the Democrats.

Democrats took back the House as a blue wave swept across the country, even sweeping Democrats to victories in conservative districts.

The massive loss is a rejection of Trump and his appalling behavior and violent rhetoric, but Schmidt does not see Republicans abandoning it. In fact, he predicted that they will respond by adopting it themselves because they will believe that not acting like Trump cost them the House.

“The Republicans who have lost, the lesson that will be taken is that they lost because they didn’t embrace Trumpism fully,” Schmidt replied after Brian Williams asked if Republicans will show courage to reject Trump now that they’ve been handed a defeat.

“That, had they engaged in the incitement tactics that will have worked in states like Ohio, where Mike DeWine was elected governor, in Florida, where Gillum went down to DeSantis, that’s the lesson. That’s the takeaway for Republicans.”

It’s rather concerning that Republicans would think that they have to be like Trump to win races.

After all, many of Trump’s hand-picked candidates suffered defeat on Tuesday, including Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who lost to his Democratic opponent for the governor’s mansion.

Other dedicated Trump candidates who lost include Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Dean Heller in Nevada, Kevin Yoder in Kansas, Dana Rohrabacher in California, Claudia Tenney in New York, Pete Sessions in Texas, and Dave Brat in Virginia just to name a few.

All of these candidates and others embraced Trump, yet still lost, many in districts that Republicans are usually expected to win.

Make no mistake, Trump can claim all he wants that Republicans lost because they didn’t embrace him and his behavior enough, the election results and the exit polls demonstrate otherwise. Americans thoroughly rejected Trump’s behavior and punished many lawmakers and candidates who refused to stand up to him and his incivility. And it could have gone much worse for them considering the narrow wins they barely pulled off in Florida, Georgia, Texas and elsewhere.

If Republicans double down on Trump, they can expect to be handed more defeats in 2020.

But even if Republicans do adopt Trump’s vile behavior, Schmidt pointed out that at least there will be a check on Trump’s power preventing him from strangling democracy to death.

“We know something right now that we didn’t know this morning,” he said. “That is, come January, there is a check on Donald Trump. Democrats hold subpoena power, the unchecked corruption is at a 10, all of the Trump officials who have abused the taxpayer, who have serially lied to the country — they will now be held to account.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

So Republicans can go right on ahead and act like total a**holes. All they will be doing is embarrassing themselves and causing more Americans to be disgusted by them. That will result in more angry voters in 2020, and they will have a lot more to lose than just the House.

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