Steve Schmidt Rolls Trump For Getting His A** Handed To Him In Singapore By North Korea

Steve Schmidt Rolls Trump For Getting His A** Handed To Him In Singapore By North Korea

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Republican strategist Steve Schmidt saw President Donald Trump fall flat on his face in Singapore on Monday during his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and he tweeted all about it on Tuesday morning with strong words of condemnation and disgust.

Trump accepted empty promises from Kim Jong Un before announcing a shocking concession. The concession did not come from North Korea. It came from Trump, who declared that he would end joint military exercises in South Korea between American and South Korean military forces and floated the possibility that he would withdraw all American troops from the peninsula.

So, not only did North Korea get a prestigious meeting that legitimized the authoritarian regime on the international stage, they got Trump to give them a military concession they have always demanded, and they did not have to give up a single thing.

Schmidt was not impressed with any of the meeting. From the start, just seeing the American flag and North Korean flag together sickened him.

Trump has often claimed that NFL players disrespect the flag by kneeling during the national anthem, but he apparently has no problem disrespecting the flag by putting it next to a flag that represents everything we stand against.

Schmidt wasn’t done. He also slammed Trump for giving North Korea what it wanted and blasted right-wing media for praising it.

He then warned that military preparedness will be weaker in South Korea, which is advantageous to North Korea.

When a right-wing analyst argued that Trump succeeded, Schmidt clapped back and even quoted a high-ranking military veteran.

Schmidt followed the smackdown up by nailing Trump one more time.

Trump’s desperate effort to get a deal at any cost has weakened our national security and the security of South Korea and Japan. It also weakens our longtime alliance with South Korea, whose government was blindsided by Trump’s concessions. Make no mistake, Trump caved to Kim Jong Un. North Korea scored a huge win and Trump humiliated himself and the United States in front of the entire international community. He demonstrated that he is weak and that the United States can no longer be trusted to act in the best interests of our allies. If former President Barack Obama had done this, conservatives would be screaming for his impeachment or worse.


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