Susan Collins’ Vote For Kavanaugh Sparks Boycott Of Maine

Susan Collins’ Vote For Kavanaugh Sparks Boycott Of Maine

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Senator Susan Collins’ (R-Maine) decision to vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has come back to bite her in a bad way as the backlash to punish her now includes an economic boycott against her state.

As Collins delivered a speech defending Kavanaugh in the lead up to announcing her decision, people across the nation waited for her to be the hero America needed to defeat him. They were disappointed when she betrayed women and sexual assault survivors to confirm an accused attempted rapist to the high court. It was also hypocrisy as Collins failed to treat Kavanaugh the same way she treated Senator Al Franken when she called for him to resign after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

That betrayal and hypocrisy had immediate consequences as a crowdfunding campaign raised over $3 million for her future 2020 opponent.

And now, Maine voters are going to pay the price as well because a full-blown boycott has been launched against the state in protest of Collins.

The boycott was kicked off by comedian John Fugelsang, who fired the first shot on Twitter by informing Collins that he won’t be spending his tourist money on Maine any time soon.

“Dear Susan Collins – I really struggled with this but my tourist $ just voted against ever visiting Maine while you remain in office,” he wrote.

It should be pointed out that Fugelsang did not directly call for a boycott. He even says so on Twitter in a later tweet.

But his message caught fire anyway and it escalated from there.

According to the Portland Press Herald:

Hundreds of people said in the comments that they were behind the boycott, including one person who canceled a $2,200 reservation at Point Sebago resort and a Texas chef with multiple restaurants who vowed to boycott all Maine seafood. Others discussed shifting their travel plans to New Hampshire or Vermont.

One Maine lobster dealer says he has lost a few customers over the issue.

The Herald went on to report that a Texas businessman is even halting future seafood orders from Maine for his restaurants in retaliation against Collins.

John Tesar, who owns six restaurants in Texas and is opening a seafood restaurant in Laguna Beach, California, said he’ll re-source the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of Maine seafood – including lobster, fluke, sea urchin and scallops – that he buys every year.

“I am so disappointed and angry at her,” Tesar said of Collins. “My intent is not to hurt the fishermen, it’s to have them vote her out of office. The only way to make a difference in this day and age is economically, and on November 6th.”

And a Massachusetts lawyer is so fed up with Collins’ “intellectual and moral dishonesty” that she is “not going to set foot in the state of Maine as long as Senator Collins is senator there. I won’t even order from L.L. Bean anymore. I’m just disgusted.”

Maine businesses are beginning to report that they’ve lost a lot of customers because of what Collins did, and while some are pleading with the public to not punish the people of Maine for Collins’ actions, it must be said that Maine voters put her in office and there are consequences for every decision she makes, consequences that Maine voters are going to have to bear. Because if there are no consequences they’ll just make the same choice over and over again.

And that’s the whole point of the boycott. No one really wants to hurt the financial and economic well-being of others, but a message has to be sent that Collins should not be re-elected. She made a despicable decision and the people of Maine need to make a choice. They can either vote for her again and slide into economic ruin, or they can end the boycott by killing the career of a bad Senator who only pretends she cares about women. The decision is entirely in their hands.


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