Ted Cruz Accidentally Makes A Great Gun Control Argument

Ted Cruz Accidentally Makes A Great Gun Control Argument

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Following yet another mass shooting, this time in a little Texas town called Sutherland Springs, Texas, Texan Senator Ted Cruz tried to spout out the automatic response of most Republicans these days. The default response: Say it’s too early to talk about gun control for as long as possible and then repeat following the next shooting. Continue ad infinitum, ad nauseam. This time Cruz managed to slap together his standard response in such a way that he actually makes the case for common sense gun control in America. Thank you, you smarmy Senator!

The very definition of “smarmy” by artist, Sean Corcoran:

When asked if he thought it was time for gun control, Ted responded:

“You know, it is an unfortunate thing that the immediate place the media goes after any tragedy, after any murder is politicizing it,” said Cruz.

No Cruz, it’s more like after every mass shooting you dolt. And those shootings are so common now it’s obscene.

Cruz continued, “We don’t need politics right now.”

Absolutely right, Cruz. We don’t need politics, which is what you are doing by avoiding ever bringing forth common-sense gun control measures, as a man who received hundreds of thousands from the NRA. Cruz actually received the very most of any congressional recipient in 2016 at $360,727, according to OpenSecrets.org. Nineteen other Republican representatives received many thousands of dollars, which is exactly why they use politics to prevent solutions to gun control and ongoing gun violence in America.

Cruz continues, “You know in New York, we saw a terror attack just this week with a truck. Evil is evil is evil, and will use the weaponry that is available, and I’ll tell you that one of the most inspirational aspects, in the face of this horror, was that an ordinary citizen stepped forward to engage the gunman,” said Cruz.

Cruz again makes a statement that doesn’t help out the argument we know he’s trying to make, which is to avoid gun control. The fact is that trucks and automobiles are regulated already with licenses and penalties for breaking the rules, which is constitutional and still upholds the right to free movement. And, as for the words, “weaponry that is available,” well why make it easier for deranged people, even the mentally ill, to access readily available weapons? Thanks again, Cruz.

While a very brave Stephen Willeford did fire at the gunman as he escaped, the perpetrator, Devin Patrick Kelley, reportedly shot himself and died after crashing his truck into a ditch after a dangerous high-speed chase. That Willeford had a legally obtained gun does nothing to deflect from the fact that Americans still need a solution to gun control.

Cruz went on to talk about celebrating the courage of Willeford, finishing up with “Evil, tragically, will always be with us, but so will good,” said Cruz.

Cruz and other politicians have always ineffectually reached out with “thoughts and prayers” following gun violence, but that’s just not cutting it. Americans must stop allowing politicians like him to blockade informed and effective responses to the epidemic of gun violence. No more thoughts and prayers, and no more shrugging off taking action. No more talk about continuing evil that Americans are just supposed to accept as a reality, unlike most every other civilized country on the planet. What Cruz is doing is demonstrably quite evil all by itself, considering the ever-rising death toll in America.

If we are really guilty of “politicizing the issue,” then why is it ok with Cruz that Trump responded to the terror attack in New York by instantly suggesting banning all “chain migration” of immigrants as a solution. Republicans are very willing to respond instantly, even if in a clearly irrational way, just not when it comes to the NRA. We know why. It’s time to let them know that we are all aware.

It all may be best summed up thusly:

Tweet by Ryan Stiles

Tweet by Ryan Stiles

See Cruz’s comments below:

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