The NRA’s Attack on the Left (Video)

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The NRA has launched a new video campaign. To say it is a vicious attack on liberals is putting it mildly.

The Video

The description beneath the video on YouTube says, “Dana Loesch says the left uses their media to assassinate real news, and their entertainers to repeat the false narrative over and over again. The only way to save our country and our freedom from their lies is to fight the violence with the clenched fist of truth. The National Rifle Association of America is Freedom’s Safest Place.”

The video surely delivers a partisan punch.

The Message

The message is clear. According to the NRA, liberals are the enemy of freedom. This video appeals to the fear and hatred that those on the right have for those on the left. It sensationalizes rather than address the legitimate discourse that needs to happen if we will ever solve the problems that face our nation.

In the wake of the shooting at the Congressional GOP baseball practice, people were quick to label ugly divisive political rhetoric as the cause.  Unfortunately, this is a major problem in the U.S. but it is not limited to one side or the other. After the baseball practice tragedy, many on the right pointed to “the liberal media” as culprits in perpetuating division.

This video demonizing the left proves that the right is just as culpable.

An Alternate Message

Immediately following that horrific attack, members both parties in Congress called for a return to civil discourse and cooperation.

In the aftermath of the release of the Better Care and Reconciliation Act, several Republican Senators have called on their leadership to reach across the aisle and try to find bipartisan solutions to the national healthcare debate.

In a time when the President uses divisive and inflammatory language to talk about the press and his political foes, in a time when a message of fear and resentment won the White House, it should come as no surprise that videos such as these are prevalent.