The Transcripts are Out and Trump is as Awful as We Imagined

The Transcripts are Out and Trump is as Awful as We Imagined

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The Washington Post obtained transcripts of phone calls between President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. In those transcripts, President Trump can be seen primarily focusing on political issues and campaign promises.

Conversation With President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico

One week after taking office, President Trump had a telephone conversation with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The January 27th call focused on issues of trade, particularly of border tariff’s, also discussed was the President’s electoral victory, bad “hombres” and Mexican drug cartels, and most heatedly, the President’s insistence that the Mexican President stop saying he will not pay for the wall along the Southern border.

The President made it clear that he doesn’t actually care that Mexico will not pay for the wall as long as it appears as they do. He said of the wall that it is “the least important thing we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important.”

In response to Peña Nieto’s assertion that his position remains unchanged, Mexico will not pay for the wall, “But you cannot say that to the press. The press is going to go with that, and I cannot live with that.”

Peña Nieto responded saying in part, “And for Mexico, it is also an issue that goes beyond the economic situation because this is an issue related to the dignity of Mexico and goes to the national pride of my country. ”

Conversation With Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia

In addition to the Peña Nieto transcript, the Washington Post reported on a transcript of a January 28th call with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia. The call with Turnbull grew extremely contentious around an Obama era deal that paved the way for the US to accept economic refugees.

Turnbull began the call noting that he and Trump come from similar backgrounds, both are businessmen who became politicians. The pleasantries did not last long. Turnbull began to press the President on his willingness to follow through with a deal made by President Obama to resettle 1,200 refugees.

President Trump responded, “And I am saying, boy that will make us look awfully bad. Here I am calling for a ban where I am not letting anybody in, and we take 2,000 people. Really it looks like 2,000 people that Australia does not want and I do not blame you by the way, but the United States has become like a dumping ground.”

Prime Minister Turnbull attempted to have a rational conversation, asking the President to hear him our he said, “This is a big deal. It is really, really important to us that we maintain it. It does not oblige you to take one person that you do not want.”

To which Trump responded “This is going to kill me. I am the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country.” He continued saying, “I spoke to Putin, Merkel, Abe of Japan, to France today, and this was my most unpleasant call because I will be honest with you. I hate taking these people. I guarantee you they are bad.”

The call ended abruptly as President Trump’s temperature continued to rise.