Trump and Putin Meet Again at a Couples-Only Dinner

Trump and Putin Meet Again at a Couples-Only Dinner

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It was during a couples-only dinner, at the end of the G20 summit, the President had already met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for over two hours earlier in the day, but that was apparently not long enough as the two met again for an hour at the dinner.

Putin and Trump the Couple

It is both a little funny and entirely appropriate that the President’s previously undisclosed hour long meeting with the head of state of a US adversary took place at a couples-only event. The President of the United States was seated next to the leader of Japan. At some point towards the end of the dinner, he left his chair, went over to Putin and the two had an almost hour-long conversation.

The President did not have a single US official with him. He did not even bring a translator. He relied on Putin’s translator to converse with the Russian leader. Experts say providing your own translator is a basic national security protection, one that Trump was apparently not concerned with while speaking to the man who orchestrated the hacking of the US election.

Sidebars at international meetings of world leaders happen; that is part of diplomacy, but this was not in the normal course of American diplomacy. Not only did the President not bring his own translator or any US officials, but he did not provide an immediate read out of the meeting. The public has been made aware the meeting took place only because it was reported in the press.

Trump’s Reaction to the Story

In typical Donald Trump fashion, the President took to twitter to attempt to misdirect the American people in an effort to defend his suspect actions.

Of course no one reported that the dinner was a “secret dinner” nor did anyone allege the dinner itself was “sinister”. It was a typical event at an international summit of world leaders. What was unusual is that the President of the United States would meet for an extended period of time with the President of Russia, without prior planning or preparation, without a translator and then would tell no one about the meeting.

Trump is attempting to change the story by reacting to things that were never said, but this is not a story about “fake media” this is a story about The President of the United States and his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The American people cannot know what was discussed at that meeting, as there was not even a US translator in attendance. Considering the attack on this country by Trump’s couples-only buddy, the meeting is troubling at best.