Trump Attacks Media For Not Covering Kavanaugh ‘Victory’ Enough

Trump Attacks Media For Not Covering Kavanaugh ‘Victory’ Enough

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President Donald Trump whined about the media on Twitter Wednesday morning because they aren’t spreading his propaganda and fawning over Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s been four days since Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn-in as the newest Supreme Court Justice.

But Trump is throwing a hissy fit because the New York Times did not make Kavanaugh the headline on the front page of the Tuesday edition of the newspaper. And he also attacked the other media outlets by citing a right-wing anti-media organization.

Of course, if Trump were not such an a**hole who has turned America into a laughingstock in many people’s opinion, perhaps the media would actually have positive stories to cover. But Trump would rather the media spin all of his failures and present them as successes even though they are not.

For instance, the United Nations literally laughed at Trump as he bragged about his fake accomplishments.

Trump is also getting duped by North Korea into believing they will actually denuclearize.

And let’s not forget that his tax cuts for the rich are blowing up the deficit and his trade wars are hurting Americans workers and businesses. And that’s not including his various scandals, including Stormy Daniels and Russia.

Even Twitter users couldn’t help but mock Trump’s whining.

Again, Trump is an embarrassment to this country. That’s nothing to celebrate as a positive by the media. Of course, Fox News will gladly peddle Trump’s propaganda, which is why he did not include them in his rant.

The media is doing their job by reporting the truth about Trump, and he clearly can’t handle it.


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