Trump Biographer: The Donald Has Been Paying Off Women And Russian Gangsters For Decades

Trump Biographer: The Donald Has Been Paying Off Women And Russian Gangsters For Decades

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If there’s one thing we know about President Donald Trump, it’s that he’s about as faithful to his wives as an immoral alley cat, constantly on the prowl for women he can try and bed.

So it should come as no surprise that Trump has also had to pay money to women he’s slept with in order to keep them quiet, especially months before the 2016 election.

But according to Trump biographer David Cay Johnston, it’s not just women Trump does shady business dealings with:

During an appearance on CNN Thursday morning, Johnston was discussing the recordings made by Trump’s former attorney, commenting:

“Some lawyers may tape a client now and then to make sure they get their directions straight. And the other reason is, this is insurance. If the boss is asking you to commit an illegal act and you have a tape of him, you have an insurance policy.”

Later in the interview, Johnston turned to the president’s refusal to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting:

“We know that Donald was suddenly flush with cash and buying assets and his sons, one of his sons has said, we were getting lots of money from Russians.

“We know of documented cases where he got money from Russians. We know Donald Trump has been doing business with Russian gangsters for years. And when I say Russians, I mean Russian-speaking people.”

We now know that the FBI has at least recordings of at least 100 conversations Cohen had with Trump and others in his former client’s orbit. Some of those may include discussions of business deals with Russian mobsters, oligarchs, or Russian companies controlled directly by the Kremlin. And that would give Special Counsel Robert Mueller all the evidence he needs to tie the president to Russia by following the money.

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