Trump Cancels U.K. Trip Because It’s Not Prestigious Enough

Trump Cancels U.K. Trip Because It’s Not Prestigious Enough

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Donald Trump needs to grow a pair and start doing his job.

Thus far, Trump has yet to make a state visit to the United Kingdom because he refuses to be greeted by millions of protesters.

Trump has demanded that he get a guaranteed warm welcome from the British public, along with a ride in a golden carriage to Buckingham Palace so he can meet Queen Elizabeth.

That hasn’t worked out, so Trump has been stomping his feet and holding his breath.

And now he has canceled a “working visit” to England because it’s not prestigious enough for him.

Trump was supposed to travel to the UK later this year to mark the opening of the new American embassy in London, but decided not to go because he won’t be treated like a king.

According to The Independent:

Mr Trump had been due to come to London to open the new £750m embassy, but was said to have abandoned the idea as he feels unhappy about the scale of the visit and the arrangements made.

He is said to be unhappy about the lack of “bells and whistles” surrounding the event and the fact he would not be able to meet the Queen.

On Twitter, Trump claimed that he canceled the trip because he didn’t want to attend the opening of an embassy approved by President Obama.

In fact, Trump’s own UK ambassador says that the price of the embassy was a great deal and it’s reported that the new embassy will have spectacular views of the river and Parliament.

By refusing to visit the UK, Trump is not only acting like a petulant child who isn’t getting his way, he is once again making decisions based on his hatred of Obama. He is also a coward for not wanting to face crowds of demonstrators who hate his guts.

He expects to be treated like a hero or a king, but that’s not going to happen, so he needs to get over it and visit the UK anyway.

Of course, what we are seeing could only be the pre-show to a much bigger temper tantrum if Trump does not receive an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The British government is already nervous about how Trump would react if he doesn’t get an invitation while Barack and Michelle Obama do.

Trump is unlikely to receive an invite because Meghan Markle despises him and it’s obvious that Trump would make the big day all about himself and be a giant distraction. Security would have to be massive and Trump will do anything to be the center of attention, including an effort to embarrass the royal family and the Obamas.

It’s Trump’s job to visit other nations. But that doesn’t mean he should expect parades and mass applause everywhere he goes. The United Kingdom is our strongest ally so he should visit no matter what. By refusing to do so, Trump is embarrassing our country and proving how petty and thin-skinned he is.

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