Trump Compares Mueller To Joseph McCarthy In Desperate Twitter Tantrum

Trump Compares Mueller To Joseph McCarthy In Desperate Twitter Tantrum

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In yet another desperate attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump went so far as to compare him to Joseph McCarthy in a temper tantrum whining about the Russia investigation.

The late-Senator Joseph McCarthy is notorious for conducting a witch hunt against the Democratic Party and Hollywood during the 1950s in which he accused many people of being communists without any proof. He ruined careers and lives before his eventual downfall.

This is the man Trump is now comparing Mueller to in his latest effort to discredit him and undermine the Russia investigation.

Trump has been attacking Mueller all week on Twitter to accuse the special counsel of unfairly investigating him and his associates, especially in the wake of Paul Manafort getting busted for lying to prosecutors and Manafort’s attorneys being busted for sharing what Manafort has told prosecutors to Trump’s legal team.

In a new Twitter attack on Wednesday, Trump claimed that Mueller is somehow trying to force witnesses to lie.

The problem is that unlike McCarthy, Mueller has actual evidence to justify his pursuit of the truth and many of Trump’s associates have willingly taken plea deals because that evidence is solid. Manafort himself was even found guilty in a court of law and is going to serve time for his crimes. How much time is up to him because Mueller can leverage Manafort for information in exchange for a reduced sentence.

He’s not forcing anyone to lie. He’s pressuring them to tell the truth, which could expose Trump and members of his family to prosecution.

Twitter users pummeled Trump’s baseless accusations.

Trump is clearly frightened of Mueller and what his final report will say because his attacks are getting increasingly more aggressive and outrageous, just the last pathetic gasps of a desperate man who knows his tower of lies is about to come crashing down.

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