Trump Leaves the Country Vulnerable Apparently ‘on Purpose’

Trump Leaves the Country Vulnerable Apparently ‘on Purpose’

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In response to a Fox News segment that blasted him for leaving open so many key positions in his administration, President Trump explained on Twitter that the posts aren’t really necessary and were left open on purpose.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham criticized the Trump administration on Tuesday for letting those positions go unfilled. Ingram made a case for filling those positions fast, citing a natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey which prompts an army of government employees to help with recovery.

Trump’s reaction was swift. He tweeted that those positions were left open on purpose as part of a larger plan to reduce the size of the government.

 “I think we can all look at these horrific pictures, and we can conclude a federal government does need staff,” Ingraham told Fox News Tuesday.

She underlined that the Trump administration needed six months to confirm a new FEMA Director after Trump was inaugurated. She added that there are also the problems linked to the North Korea crisis.

Ingraham thinks that America is facing a “crisis of confidence” as Trump has so far failed to drain the swamp and deliver his promise of creating a government that works for the people instead of enslaving them to the system.

Crisis of Confidence

Meanwhile, the unstaffed positions have been a concern for pundits and analysts since the early days of Trump’s presidency. Hundreds of desks in the State Department remain vacant. Amy Siskin explains that there are so many regions of the world that are volatile but kept under control through the diplomatic efforts of our State Department. Now, these areas are being overlooked – perhaps at our own peril.

The Brookings Institute wrote an interesting article about the Trump administration failing to fill positions in vital cyber-security positions.

And last week, with the hurricane bearing down on the Texas coastline there was more than a little concern over the empty seats at the head of NASA and NOAA, two of the biggest players in a hurricane prediction and recovery effort.


Image Source: White House