New Report Confirms Trump Is Endangering Americans In Order To Make A Profit

New Report Confirms Trump Is Endangering Americans In Order To Make A Profit

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As we all wait for Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to produce the smoking gun that will result in the impeachment of Donald Trump or his resignation, we learn more and more about his sordid activities.

Most Americans knew that Trump would use the presidency to personally enrich himself, but a new report shows that Trump could indeed stand to personally profit from the regulations he’s rolling back, according to a new report Wednesday. The Environmental Protection Agency’s  (or Environmental Coal Agency) proposal to repeal the Waters of the U.S. rule, a rule that gives the agency the authority to prevent pollution being dumped in sensitive freshwater wetlands.

Via the Hill:

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Rick Claypool, a research director in the president’s office of the nonprofit Public Citizens, detailed six deregulatory actions Trump could financially benefit from given his refusal to fully divest from his business empire.

“In several instances, Trump’s financial interests are directly at odds with protecting the public it is his administration’s duty to serve,” Cicilline and Claypool wrote in the report.

Cicilline and Claypool claim that Trump’s many property development projects, including 12 Trump-branded golf courses in the U.S., would have experienced a steady increase in compliance costs that comes with acquiring permits and limiting their use of pesticides. In fact,  Trump hotels and restaurants have already vastly benefited from a lower court’s decision to block a Labor Department rule expanding overtime pay to people who earn up to $47,476.

“The result is the disturbing potential for Americans to be harmed by policies that are implemented partly because they offer short-term financial benefits to the president’s businesses,” according to the report.

We all saw this coming and we all know it’s only going to get worse. If this fake president isn’t impeached or resign, he will have raped the taxpayers millions of times over.

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