Trump Fails to Make a Convincing Argument for Confederate Monuments

Trump Fails to Make a Convincing Argument for Confederate Monuments

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Trump took to Twitter Thursday to defend Confederate monuments but he confused the Confederacy with the Founding Fathers.

Trump Defends the ‘Beautiful Statues’

The President tried to make a case for preserving the controversial symbols citing history and culture. He genuinely thinks history should not be ripped apart, and the “beautiful statues” should be left alone.

Trump’s comments came just one week after he threatened to start a nuclear war with North Korea and after failing to condemn Neo-Nazis and the KKK after the violent riots in Charlottesville, VA.

This week’s theme seems to be the Civil War and its symbols. Even though the GOP urged him to remain silent on the topic, Trump failed to follow the advice. On Thursday, he unleashed a series of tweets.

He started his day by attacking one of his biggest Republican critics, Senator Lindsey Graham accusing him of seeking publicity. Next, he grilled Senator Jeff Flake, calling him a “flake.” Then, he slammed the mainstream media for writing “fake news” about him (it is the 92nd time since he took office that he uses that term when talking about the press).

However, all these tweets were business as usual. His tweets about Confederate monuments and the Founding Fathers were something new. The context of these tweets revolves around his refusal to call out Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other racist groups after the killing of a protester in Charlottesville.

Trump Concerned Founding Fathers Might Be Next

A couple of days later he condemned those groups, but for many, it was too late. On Tuesday, he held a presser and placed the blame for the violence on “both sides,” Confederacy-loving Neo-Nazis and counter-protesters alike.

On Thursday morning, he made things even worse, when he tried to defend the monuments honoring the Confederacy, but added the Founding Fathers to the mix:

Image Source: Wikimedia