Trump Flip-Flops Again Over Plans To Cooperate With Mueller

Trump Flip-Flops Again Over Plans To Cooperate With Mueller

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and President Donald Trump’s legal team are now reportedly proceeding without an interview with Trump himself. The meet was supposed to take place as part of the Russia investigation after the FBI raided the office of Trump’s lawyer, NBC News reported.

Both Mueller’s team and Trump’s lawyers report that there will be no planning to have an interview to happen after weeks of Trump preparing for an interview.

According to NBC News, as late as this Monday Mueller’s team was still having talks with the White House that ended later in the day when news broke the FBI has raided Cohen’s office and hotel room.

Trump threw a tantrum over the raid as a “disgrace” and called it an attack on the country and complained that his attorney-client privilege had been violated.

On Monday at the White House Trump told reporters:

“It’s a real disgrace, It’s an attack on what we all stand for.”

Tuesday morning Trump tweeted:

A minute later Trump continued:

According to two sources, Mueller’s team may be able to close the obstruction probe more quickly as they will not need to prepare for the interview or follow up on what Trump says.

The raid on Cohen “significantly complicated” any negotiations for the president’s legal team, according to a person familiar with the discussions, who also cautioned that “you never say never” regarding a possible interview. This person said the president’s legal team is still in frequent contact with Mueller’s team on other issues related to the investigation.

On Thursday Trump tweeted that he and his lawyers were cooperating with the Russia probe:

Different reports came out that Trump is going to fire Mueller but he really can’t the only person that can is Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia investigation. If Trump fires Rosenstein, it will just be ruining his presidency.

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