Trump Gets Humiliated On World Stage Again As North Korea Demands Sanctions Be Lifted Before They Agree To Denuclearize

Trump Gets Humiliated On World Stage Again As North Korea Demands Sanctions Be Lifted Before They Agree To Denuclearize

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North Korea is betting they can keep duping President Donald Trump into thinking they will give up their nuclear weapons, which is why they demanded the United States lift sanctions against them before they even think about denuclearizing.

Earlier this year, Trump gave concessions to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by ending joint military exercises with South Korea, and may have even offered more than that in exchange for a pinky swear to denuclearize.

In the end, all North Korea has done is put on a show by pretending that they are moving towards that goal by dismantling an old testing facility and ending nuclear tests and not including ICBMs in their annual military parade, all of which experts say is a ruse to make Trump believe he is winning while North Korea builds new nuclear and missile facilities.

Trump has actually bragged on several occasions that North Korea is denuclearizing and that talks are progressing. But North Korea played Trump for a fool again on Saturday during a meeting of world leaders at the United Nations, where North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho demanded the United States lift sanctions on his country first before they agree to denuclearize.

“Without any trust in the U.S. there will be no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances there is no way we will unilaterally disarm ourselves first,” he said. “The perception that sanctions can bring us on our knees is a pipe-dream of the people who are ignorant about us. But the problem is that the continued sanctions are deepening our mistrust.”

You see, North Korea thinks Trump is dumb enough to think that all he has to do is lift sanctions and North Korea will magically surrender their entire nuclear stockpile and destroy all of their facilities.

But once sanctions are lifted, the North Koreans can drag their feet while supplies, materials and money they need flows back into their country. And once they have enough, they can shout “psych!” at the United States and keep their nuclear weapons and all of what they received because the sanctions were lifted.

This is about buying more time, not about actually keeping their word.

Ri even listed “significant good-will measures such as stopping nuclear and ICBM tests, dismantling the nuclear test site in a transparent manner and affirming not to transfer nuclear weapons and nuclear technology under any circumstances” to argue that Trump should trust North Korea even more by lifting the sanctions, which is the only thing forcing North Korea to the table right now.

“However, we do not see any corresponding response from the U.S.,” Ri concluded.

This is quite embarrassing for Trump, who ignorantly spiked the football after his Singapore summit with Jong Un by declaring the nuclear threat over.

But it’s far from over. In fact, it may be even worse now. North Korea is playing Trump for time. They have already tested enough nuclear weapons that they no longer needed the testing facility they destroyed. And while Trump was busy fawning over a dictator, the North Koreans were putting the finishing touches on new facilities. Even the lack of ICBMs in their military parade was a bid to buy time because they are fooling Trump into believing they will actually denuclearize when they really have no intention of doing so.

All they have done so far is make verbal promises to denuclearize, something they have been doing for decades now without following through. And now they expect America to surrender the best tool we have been using to extract concessions from them. And, frankly, they’ve really given up nothing at all while Trump has already given up a lot.

Yet, he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo still claim that “progress” is being made. If anyone actually believes that, Trump isn’t the only one North Korea is duping.

Featured Image: Wikimedia