Trump Has A Twitter Meltdown Over ‘Not Smart’ Omarosa

Trump Has A Twitter Meltdown Over ‘Not Smart’ Omarosa

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In yet another case demonstrating that he does NOT hire the “best people,” President Donald Trump lashed out at longtime associate and former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman on Monday morning in his latest meltdown on Twitter.

Upon being fired, Omarosa wrote a book about her time in the White House in which she dishes on Trump and his behavior.

Among the claims she has made so far prior to the book’s release on Tuesday include Trump being in a state of “mental decline,” that he is indeed a racist, and has no clue what’s happening in the White House.

She made that clear on Monday during an appearance on “The Today Show,” when she played a recording of a conversation between herself and Trump in which he tells her he had no idea she had been fired and that “I don’t love you leaving at all.”

As usual, Trump would contradict his previous remarks in a Twitter tantrum.

He trashed Omarosa in a pair of tweets Monday morning, even questioning her intelligence, which is a tactic Trump often uses against black people.

Trump went on to call Omarosa a “lowlife” and accused the media of trying to legitimize her claims even though the media has questioned her credibility.

So, if all of that is true why did Trump hire her at all and why did he want to keep her around? Also, Trump just admitted that it doesn’t matter if someone is a terrible employee, as long as that employee says “great things” about him they can remain employed.

Flattery should not be a qualification to hire someone, especially not for a government position.

But it’s the same strategy dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have used to get their way with Trump in recent months. Just stroke his ego and he’ll make concessions and betray the United States.

If anything, Trump’s desperate attacks make Omarosa’s claims more credible.

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