Trump Insists He Did A ‘Great Job’ With Puerto Rico As Hurricane Florence Approaches East Coast

Trump Insists He Did A ‘Great Job’ With Puerto Rico As Hurricane Florence Approaches East Coast

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President Donald Trump got crushed on Twitter Wednesday morning for insisting that he did a “great job” with Puerto Rico last year.

As Hurricane Florence threatens Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina this week, Trump took to his social media account to brag about his record on handling preparation for and dealing with the aftermath of these massive storms.

Of course, he gave himself an A+ and whined because he thinks how he handled the disastrous Hurricane Maria tragedy in Puerto Rico was “great” too, only to blame San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for his effort being “unappreciated.”

Much of the island of Puerto Rico still has no electricity and it was recently revealed that 3,000 Americans perished due to the storm and the aftermath. Trump had previously claimed that the death toll was less than 100.

Furthermore, Trump put on a show by tossing paper towels to those in need when he visited the island, only to abandon Puerto Rico soon after.

Trump most certainly failed Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens.

Twitter users bombarded him with angry responses.

Americans in the path of this storm need to evacuate immediately. They cannot trust that Trump will help them. After all, Puerto Rico trusted him, and 3,000 people are dead because his response to the hurricane was so pathetic. And considering Trump took millions of dollars from FEMA and gave it to ICE, those on the East coast should be concerned that FEMA won’t have the resources to provide necessary assistance.


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