Trump Insists Not All Charlottesville Protesters Were Neo-Nazis

Trump Insists Not All Charlottesville Protesters Were Neo-Nazis

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After denouncing the white supremacists and racists protesting in Charlottesville, VA, Trump flip-flopped on his statement and stressed that not all people present at the rally were white nationalists or Neo-Nazis.

Both Sides Are To Blame

The President made his remarks during an impromptu press conference in which he placed the blame for the Charlottesville attack on “both sides.” He is convinced that not everyone marching with the Neo-Nazis against the removal of a Confederate monument from public land is worthy of condemnation.

Trump repeated that he had condemned many groups including the Neo-Nazis, but “not all” protesters were sharing white supremacy views during the protest. He noted that many people were there to oppose the removal of Gen. Robert E. Lee statue from a public park.

“You had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly,” Trump told reporters.

He insisted the statue of Lee was “very very” important to those protesters, and blamed the group of counter-protesters for the violence that followed. He noted, though, that counter-protesters too had some ‘fine people,’ but they had some ‘trouble makers’ and ‘bad people’ too.

 “I think there’s blame on both sides,” he added.

Trump Needed to Get All the Facts First

Trump called the white supremacist that plowed his car into the group of counter-protesters is a “disgrace” to his family, country, and himself as a human being. The suspect shared Neo-Nazi views and was reportedly seen talking to white supremacists.

Trump refused to label the attack as ‘domestic terrorism,’ but said that regardless of what you call it, the guy is a murderer and should get a good verdict lightning-fast.

Trump dismissed criticism that he took too much time to denounce white supremacy. He explained that, unlike other politicians, he had to get all the facts first.
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