Trump Jr. Claims Democrats Are ‘Left Of Commie’ In Fox News Interview (VIDEO)

Trump Jr. Claims Democrats Are ‘Left Of Commie’ In Fox News Interview (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Jr. compared Democrats’ claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives to McCarthyism in an interview Saturday. Here’s what he told Fox News’s Jesse Watters during the interview.

“You see the Democratic senators [saying] ‘This is McCarthyism.’ I’m like ‘What?’ You have a guy screaming ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ with no evidence.’ All this shade for 18 months, screaming about McCarthyism. I mean the irony is ridiculous at this point.”

It sure is, especially since there’s more than a little bit of alleged evidence of collusion between the two.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy waged a campaign against alleged communists in the U.S. government during the early 1950s, and this caused an atmosphere of fear-mongering that ruined the lives of thousands of innocent people. So perhaps Junior is over-stating things a little bit.

But he kept on with the Cold War theme, The Hill reports, claiming that those consarned Democrats were not “reasonable.”

“The problem is, rather than being reasonable and coming to the table, they forced themselves further and further and further left.”

“I mean, they are left of commie right now, and that’s a real problem for them because I don’t think that’s where America was [during the 2016 election.]”

He also suggested that Americans want a bit of “moderation” from their leaders. He cited a poll conducted by Monmouth University that showed Trump’s approval rating had jumped 10 points during the last month. The poll found that 42 percent of Americans approved of what Trump is doing, while 50 percent say they disapproved. In December, only 32 percent approved and 56 percent disapproved.

But Trump Jr. also said he thinks some polls are underplaying things, “as they always do for Trump.”

“Republicans … are getting used to winning again. And that’s a big deal.”

When you consider what Republicans have done with tax cuts for the wealthy, it’s a bad deal for the rest of us. Their win is our loss, and we must remember that.

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