Trump Lawyers Wanted Kushner Out

Trump Lawyers Wanted Kushner Out

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The Russia probe continues to increase in scope and depth. The investigation now includes financial and business dealings of the President, his family, and his associates. There is a grand jury impaneled, investigators have executed a search warrant for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Mueller is reportedly working with the New York Attorney General on state level investigations that are connected to the Russia investigation. At the center of it all is President Trump and those who are closest to him.

Kushner’s role

Jared Kushner’s role in this White House is unprecedented. As the husband of Ivanka, most favored daughter, he enjoys an exceptionally close relationship with his father-in-law and boss President Trump. As such, Kushner has also been at the center of a great deal of the investigation.

Kushner was present at a Trump Tower meeting that took place during the summer of 2016. In fact, Donald Trump Jr. arranged the meeting, and its purpose was to gain damaging information about Hillary Clinton from a Kremlin-connected attorney.

Kushner has also had countless previously undisclosed meetings with Russian officials. He failed to mention these contacts when applying for his security clearance. His financial and business dealings are also subject to the Russia investigation at this time.

The Lawyers Wanted Him Gone

According to reporting from the Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with the situation said that the President’s lawyers were concerned with Kushner’s presence in the White House. They argued that Kushner’s meeting with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign would be problematic for the President. The lawyers reportedly brought their concerns directly to the President.

The lawyers even wrote a statement for Kushner to deliver, detailing his reasons for leaving the White House. The letter explained that a toxic political environment turned his meeting with the Russian lawyer into an attack on the President and as such, Kushner felt compelled to leave.

Clearly, the lawyers did not win that fight, as Kushner remains a central figure in the administration.