Trump Responds To Cohen Tape Release And Gets Laughed At By CNN Hosts (Video)

Trump Responds To Cohen Tape Release And Gets Laughed At By CNN Hosts (Video)

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Just hours after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen leaked audio of a conversation he had with the president regarding paying hush money to a woman, Trump decided to weigh in on the matter via Twitter, posting this:

That led CNN hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota to wonder if the president fully understood what he had just suggested, with Camerota barely able to contain laughter as she commented:

“‘What kind of lawyer would tape a client?’ Your kind, the kind that you used for many many years!

“I was presumably saying something positive. About what? About whom?”

For months now, we’ve heard Trump saying Cohen is a stand up kind of guy that he trusted completely. But the second Cohen goes rogue and decides he won’t take the fall for the Crook-in-Chef, suddenly he’s the worst attorney in the world.

If this one tape isn’t bad enough for Trump, we now know that at least a dozen more have been turned over to the FBI by Cohen. If and when those leak, there’s no telling what kind of illegal activity we may hear the president discussing.

As for the tweet from Trump, Chris Cillizza, who was appearing on CNN with Berman and Camerota, said it best:

“As always, a Donald Trump tweet contains multitudes.”

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