Trump Says James Comey Is To Blame For Any Russian Collusion

Trump Says James Comey Is To Blame For Any Russian Collusion

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If you were wondering exactly how delusional the man who controls the American nuclear arsenal is, consider this: President Donald Trump thinks the person to blame for the fact that members of his 2016 campaign had multiple contacts with Russia is the former FBI Director, James Comey.

Monday evening, rather than focusing on the Hurricane Florence, Trump was watching Fox News and tweeting:

Here we go again.

How many times does Trump have to be told the basic facts of why Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed and who appointed him? Mueller was appointed to find out exactly how deeply the Russians penetrated our last election, and the person who named him was none other than the man Trump nominated to be deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein.

Though it’s been said before, it’s worth repeating: Innocent people don’t act like this! An innocent person would welcome the Mueller probe, knowing that it would eventually exonerate him.

Reaction on Twitter to Trump’s Monday evening social media ranting came swiftly:

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