Trump Foolishly Spikes The Football On North Korea, Declares Nuclear Threat Over

Trump Foolishly Spikes The Football On North Korea, Declares Nuclear Threat Over

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When North Korea starts threatening the world with nuclear weapons again, just remember that President Donald Trump declared the nuclear threat from North Korea over without getting any concessions from Kim Jong Un during his pathetic summit in Singapore.

North Korea won big on Monday as Jong Un successfully got the prominent meeting he wanted to get recognized on the world stage despite being a murderous dictator. He also shockingly received concessions from Trump, all without having to give up anything in return.

Trump offered to stop joint military exercises with South Korea and floated the possibility of withdrawing American troops from the peninsula.

The only thing Trump got is a worthless pledge from Kim Jong Un to denuclearize, a pledge North Korea has made repeatedly in the past, only to break it.

In fact, North Korea has made such a pledge about a dozen times since 1985.

Furthermore, nothing in the agreement Trump and Kim signed details when this denuclearization is supposed to take place and how, nor does it include any verification methods to make sure the North Koreans keep their word.

But Trump spiked the football as if he achieved world peace on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, declaring that the nuclear threat is over.

Again, Trump gave Kim Jong Un a lot during their meeting and received nothing but a pledge that has never been honored before. This was a win for North Korea, not the United States. Kim Jong Un still has nuclear weapons, some of which may now be able to reach the United States.

So, when North Korea threatens the world with nuclear weapons again or even hits the United States with one, just remember that Trump declared there is no longer any need to worry.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot