Trump Supporter Pulls Gun On People Protesting Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

Trump Supporter Pulls Gun On People Protesting Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

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Only days after President Donald Trump threatened Rep. Maxine Waters and those resisting his policies, one of his supporters demonstrated what incivility really looks like by pulling a gun on protesters at an Alabama rally against the administration’s immigration policies.

Trump’s child separation policy has outraged Americans so much that they are taking to the streets to protest by the hundreds of thousands in cities across the nation.

The #FamiliesBelongTogether marches are even occurring in red states like Alabama.

But during that protest, a Trump supporter whose alleged Facebook page is littered with conservative propaganda, illegally brought a gun to the rally to counter-protest. And after arguing with a protester and apparently losing, Shane Ryan Sealy drew the gun and threatened protesters with it, causing the crowd the panic and fear for their lives.

“He pulled out a gun,” rally organizer Ava Caldwell described to WHNT. “I saw him holding it out in front of him. We just started screaming for everybody to drop to the ground. We all dropped to the ground crying.”

Police swiftly responded and arrested Sealy and the protests continued without further incident.

Just last week, Trump threatened Rep. Waters, leading to death threats against her that resulted in cancellations of events in Alabama:

Waters participated in the protests in California yesterday and dared Trump supporters to come after her in defiance of their threats.

In a week that also saw five journalists murdered in the wake of Trump’s rhetoric toward the press in which he has accused journalists of treason and referred to them as the “enemy,” it’s clear that Trump and his supporters are the real uncivil people in our country. Bringing guns to intimidate protesters is out of line and people should demand Trump denounce this gunman and call upon his supporters to stop being goons. Failure to do so amounts to silent approval which cannot be tolerated.

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