Trump Supporters Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Trump Supporters Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine

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As we move closer to the Fall the President has placed funding for the border wall in with the continuing resolution to raise the debt. Despite opposition to the President unless he is impeached the border wall is going to happen. However, there will be a cost to this and if affects those that supported the President. CNN reports:

Cameron voted for Donald Trump and fully supports the President’s call to build a wall along the southern border.
“He tells it like it is,” Cameron said as he cruised past several miles of already existing border fence near the town of Progreso, Texas. “He doesn’t sugarcoat it. He is going to get it done.”

But Cameron says this even as he questions if a solid concrete wall will actually work. He’s seen what happened the last time the United States tried to build a wall, and that’s what he’s showing us no
a border fence that roughly followed the general path of the Rio Grande but created a no-man’s land between the fence and the river. It also left gaping holes in the wall so that the landowners could access their land south of the wall.
Cameron’s ATV cruises past several miles of border fence, kicking up a trail of dust. It doesn’t take long to find a number of large openings in the fence.
“This is definitely not secure,” Cameron said. “I don’t know how that impenetrable wall is going to be built. People need access to their land.”
On the surface, Cameron might not seem like a typical Trump supporter.

He and his parents were born in Mexico. He was 8 years old when his family moved legally to the United States in 1985. Cameron became a US citizen 13 years later.
The idea of American citizens caught in a no-man’s land between is something 88-year-old Pamela Taylor can only laugh about. She’s one of those Brownsville, Texas, residents that lives in what she likes to call a “gated community.”
For decades, she’s watched undocumented migrants emerge from the Rio Grande and quickly scatter through her neighborhood in hopes of eluding Border Patrol agents. Every night she leaves bottles of water for the migrants and the agents engaged in this never-ending cat-and-mouse game.
“You have to be Christian about it. You know it’s not good to see people starve,” Taylor told CNN.
Taylor has become a bit of a border celebrity. She’s opinionated, charming and quick with stories that surprise. Like the time she says she found a “40-kilo” stash of marijuana under some bushes in her yard and the day she found an undocumented migrant sitting in her living room.

“He had come in and used the bathroom facilities, shaved, cleaned up and everything and he was in the rocking chair watching the Border Patrol go by,” Taylor calmly recounted.
At the edge of the long drive way leading to her home, there’s a large sign that reads “We’re part of America. We need representation and protection. NOT A FENCE.”
Despite that, Taylor supported Trump and wants to see the country crack down on illegal immigration. But she finds the idea of a wall rather ridiculous. The current border wall has surrounded her home for almost 10 years and she says nothing has changed.
“How did they get through that wall? It’s been here since ’07,” Taylor said. “That wall is not going to stop them.”

Do you feel bad for these people or are they getting what they deserve?

Source: CNN