Trump-Touted Foxconn Plant In Wisconsin Looks To Hire Chinese Workers Instead Of Americans

Trump-Touted Foxconn Plant In Wisconsin Looks To Hire Chinese Workers Instead Of Americans

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The people in Wisconsin who were hopeful that Foxconn would bring jobs to their state are waking up to realize that President Donald Trump lied to them. And just in time for Election Day.

In June, Trump traveled to the state to brag about Foxconn opening a new manufacturing plant that would supposedly create 13,000 American jobs in the Milwaukee area to help small businesses around it grow and prosper.

“You know, 18 months ago this was a field, and now it’s one of the most advanced places of any kind you’ll see anywhere in the world,” Trump declared while flanked by Governor Scott Walker. “It’s incredible. So I’m thrilled to be here in the Badger State with the hardworking men and women of Foxconn working with you. Moments ago, we broke ground on a plant that will provide jobs for much more than 13,000 Wisconsin workers.”

Except far less Americans are going to get those jobs than Trump and Foxconn promised.

According to an explosive new report from the Wall Street Journal:

“Foxconn Technology Group is considering bringing in personnel from China to help staff a large facility under construction in southern Wisconsin as it struggles to find engineers and other workers in one of the tightest labor markets in the U.S.

“The company, the Taiwanese to Apple Inc., has been trying to tap Chinese engineers through internal transfers to supplement staffing for the Wisconsin plant, according to people familiar with the matter.”

That’s right. Instead of hiring 13,000 Americans, FoxConn is trying to bring thousands of Chinese workers into the state to do the work. In fact, around 70 percent of the jobs will be taken by foreign workers if the company has its way, meaning approximately 3,000 of those jobs will be given to Americans and those will be the low skill jobs that don’t pay nearly as much.

“It’s very difficult to find skilled labor in our market,” a staffing agency told WSJ. “All the technical schools and local universities are gearing up their programs, but I still think Foxconn is going to fall short in terms of finding the people they need.”

And that’s why they are importing the workforce. You see, while China has been busy educating their workers and preparing them for these jobs, Walker and his Republican cohorts have spent their time weakening education in Wisconsin and across the country, causing Americans to fall behind the rest of the world.

It should also be pointed out that Foxconn is even having trouble getting Chinese workers to move here to do the jobs, so it’s possible the plant won’t open or be operational on schedule.

American taxpayers are the hook for $3 billion in subsidies provided to make the Foxconn plant happen, and it turns out that money is basically funding jobs for foreign workers and not Americans as promised.

Wisconsin voters ought to be pissed off, and seeing as how today is Election Day, they can stroll over to their polling place to take out their frustrations and anger over the lies they were told by voting against Republicans, including Walker, who is on the ballot against Democratic candidate Tony Evers.

Trump and Walker promised jobs to 13,000 Americans, and American taxpayers paid billions of dollars to make it happen. But those promises mean nothing if Foxconn imports their workforce from overseas. It’s just one big con game where a foreign company duped us into paying for jobs for foreign workers. In the end, we get nothing, and Foxconn laughs all the way to the bank at our expense. Someone has to be punished for that, and voters really only have Trump and Walker to blame.

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