Trump Touts His ‘Special Bond’ With Kim Jong-un — Declares ‘I Trust Him’ (VIDEO)

Trump Touts His ‘Special Bond’ With Kim Jong-un — Declares ‘I Trust Him’ (VIDEO)

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Even though they only met for a couple of hours in Singapore, President Donald Trump seems to think that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un have one hell of a bromance going.

As part of a post-summit interview he gave to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, Trump proudly declared that he had “developed a very special bond” with Kim, adding:

“It’s been a very intense day. As you know we discussed things over the last few months. We’ve developed a pretty good relationship in terms of getting something done. It got done.”

Asked what measures had been agreed to, Trump told Stephanopoulos:

“They’re going to get rid of their nuclear weapons, George. And I think they want to do it relatively quickly.

“We have the framework for getting ready to denuclearize.”

But when the ABC host pressed for details, Trump got testy. Specifically, Stephanopoulos asked:

“Kim is a brutal dictator. He runs a police state. Forced starvation, labor camps, he’s assassinated members of his own family. How do you trust a killer like that?”

Trump replied:

“George, I’m given what I’m given. Okay? I mean, this is what we have, this is where we are, and I can only tell you from my experience, and I’ve met him, I’ve spoken with him. I’ve met him. And this is, this has started very early and it’s been very intense. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea. I think he wants to de-nuke… without that, there’s nothing to discuss.”

Stephanopoulos reiterated his question: Can a man like Kim Jong-un really change? The president sounded convinced the North Korean leader could:

“Well, over my lifetime I’ve done a lot of deals with a lot of people and sometimes, the people you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones. And the people that you do trust turn out to be not the honorable ones.”

“He said openly that no other president could have done this.”

Actually, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Trump and Kim got along so well. They’re both pathological liars and narcissists who think the world revolves around them. So don’t be surprised if this first summit quickly fades into history and accomplishes nothing. Kim got his photo op with an American president and Trump got to pretend he’s a competent negotiator. It was a win-win for two losers.

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