Trump Trashes Cohen While Bragging About Manafort Keeping His Mouth Shut

Trump Trashes Cohen While Bragging About Manafort Keeping His Mouth Shut

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President Donald Trump just couldn’t avoid talking about former cohorts Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort on Wednesday morning, and he looks even guiltier after doing so.

On Thursday, Trump’s former “fixer” and personal attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance crimes and implicated Trump in his crimes. He also intends to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which could result in a lighter sentence, which makes sense since Cohen has a family to think about.

Manafort, who served as Trump’s campaign manager for a few months in 2016, was found guilty on eight counts by the jury and could spend the rest of his life in prison. And seeing as how Manafort is 69-years-old, he doesn’t have a whole lot of years left and he also has a family to think about.

But only Cohen is willing to talk so far as Manafort defiantly refuses to tell Mueller what he knows about Trump and Russian meddling during the 2016 Election.

Trump waited until the next morning to respond to the legal bombshells that dropped yesterday, and after trashing Cohen for flipping, he bragged about Manafort keeping his mouth shut before accusing Cohen of “making up stories.”

Just because Manafort was only found guilty on eight counts, it doesn’t make him less of a criminal. He still committed crimes and a jury still convicted him of those crimes.

Furthermore, Cohen is the brave man here for putting his life and his family ahead of his loyalty to Trump, whereas Manafort is just a stupid coward who apparently still believes he’ll be pardoned. The problem is that such a pardon would be as poisonous to Trump’s presidency as Manafort agreeing to talk to Mueller would be. There’s no better way for Trump to admit that he is rewarding Manafort for covering for him than to issue a pardon. The optics would be a disaster.

But Trump wasn’t done. He went on to accuse former President Obama of committing campaign finance violations after claiming that what Cohen pleaded guilty to isn’t illegal.

Paying off women to keep quiet at the direction of a candidate and hiding it from the public is most definitely a crime. And while Trump did not specify exactly what campaign finance violations Obama supposedly committed, the keyword he used in his tweet is “settled,” which means Obama’s campaign would have had to admit to the violations and make restitution with prosecutors. In fact, the Obama campaign paid a fine levied by the FEC and it was a minor violation that wasn’t worth going to court over, whereas Cohen and Trump committed major violations. Also, Obama was not involved in the violation itself like Trump and Cohen are directly involved in their own campaign finance violations.

Trump can cry all he wants about the Cohen and Manafort news, but doing so only makes him look more guilty, especially his bragging about Manafort not “breaking” since it means he likely has something to hide that Manafort knows about. In short, Trump is the one who should be keeping his mouth shut right now.


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