Twitter Trashes Trump For Wanting WaPo Reporter Fired

Twitter Trashes Trump For Wanting WaPo Reporter Fired

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President Donald Trump threw a hissy fit because a reporter made a mistake and apologized for it.

How can Trump possibly expect journalists to admit mistakes if he is just going to reward honesty by calling for them to be fired?

And that’s precisely what happened to Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel over the weekend after he posted images of the crowd at Trump’s Florida rally on his personal Twitter account.

The images show a venue that is not “packed to the rafters” as Trump bragged.

But Weigel deleted the photos minutes later after being informed that the photos were not accurate.

Trump, however, went on the attack anyway.

Mistakes happen. Even the best journalists make them. What’s important is that they have the integrity to admit their mistakes and correct the record.

Not only did Weigel do that, but he also apologized to Trump and explained how he made the error.

Rather than accept the apology and move on, Trump lashed out by accusing Weigel of lying and called for him to be fired by the Washington Post.

This isn’t the first time Trump has called for a journalist to be fired. But his attack on the highly respected Weigel drew a sharp backlash.

It’s important to point out once again that Weigel posted the images on his personal Twitter feed. This was not a story published in the Washington Post. He immediately corrected the record when he learned he made a mistake and even apologized to Trump. That should have been the end of it. But our so-called “president” is too petty and thin-skinned to move on. So, he deserved to catch hell for not letting it go.

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