Trump Voter Says She Believes Him Because ‘Everything He Says Is True’

Trump Voter Says She Believes Him Because ‘Everything He Says Is True’

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Those who voted for and ardently support President Donald Trump don’t seem to be operating with any semblance of logic or reason. Many of his voters are even willing to consider his lies to be true and believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

If you doubt this, consider a woman MSNBC reporter Ali Vitali spoke with Tuesday night at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida. The woman, who said her name was Robin Wright, first said she hated the media because they make things up:

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes how [the media] lie. I was at the inauguration. I saw… I was there. You can’t tell me what happened. Or you can tell people, but I know what happened there. I was there for four days. I know there was a lot a people.”

And Wright also told Vitali that because Trump was supporting Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who is hoping to be the next governor of the Sunshine State, then she does, too:

“It’s great that he supports Ron DeSantis. If he thinks he’s good then he must be good. He’s right with everything else.”

Vitali then asked the woman:

“Are you willing to take his word for it? Whoever Trump says to vote for, you vote for?”

The response Wright gave proves conclusively that Trump has his very own cult of personality that his fans are willing to trust no matter what he does:

“I do. Anything he says — he hasn’t — everything he says is true, it comes true.”

Yes, everything Donald Trump says is true. Even though his lies are well documented, with the Washington Post counting them — over 3,000 in Trump’s 466 days in office — Trumpkins still think he can do no wrong.

What does this tell us? Well, for one thing, even if Special Counsel Robert Mueller has audio and videotapes of Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussing in great detail how they planned to steal the 2016 election, millions of Americans will say it’s all a big conspiracy to bring down their beloved leader.

We’re not just going up against a different political philosophy when it comes to Trump and his voters. Instead, we’re fighting for truth itself.

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