Trump White House Serious about Sabotaging Obamacare

Trump White House Serious about Sabotaging Obamacare

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Several nonprofits have accused the White House of sabotaging Obamacare after the government remained silent on renewing a series of partnerships that promoted the program among potential enrollees.

Partnerships Are Essential for Obamacare

Over the last years, the groups inked partnerships with President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the White House to encourage more people to access the Affordable Care. This year, however, the groups haven’t heard a word from Trump’s HHS and White House, and there are no signs that the partnerships will receive the necessary funding and logistical support.

Experts agree that the partnerships with civil rights groups focused on Hispanics and blacks, churches, women’s groups, and youth organizations are a key factor to keeping ACA markets going. If the Trump White House decides to end these partnerships, this means they sabotaged the program from within.

 “The failure to invest in local assistance and these enrollment partnerships will reduce enrollment, increase costs and drive up the uninsured rate,” said former HHS official Andy Slavitt.

Trump Wants Obamacare to ‘Implode’

Slavitt explained that the organizations help the government reach out to healthy and young Americans who are less likely to buy health insurance. As a result, of this loss, ACA markets might include only old and sick individuals who could boost insurance rates.

In other words, Trump is dead serious about his promise to let Obamacare “implode.” And HHS could help Trump achieve that goal quite simply. The department could also choose to sabotage it actively or let it die.

The Trump administration has already killed Obamacare-linked programs in more than a dozen cities and redirected funds for promotion of Obamacare to efforts to undermine it. What’s more, the president himself and the HHS Secretary Tom Price routinely bashed Obamacare publicly.

Currently, dozens of groups say that the Trump administration ditched the plans to provide funding for education and outreach, which could destabilize the individual market.