Trump’s Latest Attempt To ‘Fake News’ Smokescreen The NYT Fails Spectacularly

Trump’s Latest Attempt To ‘Fake News’ Smokescreen The NYT Fails Spectacularly

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In the latest of a volley of tit-for-tat attacks by Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R), Trump attempted to blame Corker’s comments on, you guessed it, media spin. It backfired on him spectacularly. Trump tried to claim that Corker was “trapped” by the New York Times and made to “look like a fool.”

Trump claimed on Twitter, “The Failing @nytimes set Liddle'[sic] Bob Corker up by recording his conversation was made to sound a fool, and that’s what I am dealing with!”

It is, yet again, Trump attacking the news media for telling the truth. Trump’s incessant whining about setups by the press is no more or less than his usual defense against reality, knee-jerk gaslighting. “Fake News,” the milquetoast battle cry for which the Dotard-in-Chief is so proud, failed him, again.

The reporter made it clear, the interview was not only “on the record” and recorded by him, Corker also recorded it – and the two aides on the line with them:

“I understand we’re on the record. I don’t like normally talking to you on the record — I’m kidding you — but I will,” Corker says, according to a transcript of the interview with the Times.

So, when the New York Times told us that Bob Corker honestly said that 1. Every single day in this country our White House is engaged in trying to contain Trump and his “worst impulses” (scary when one of those seems to be needling a nuclearly capable mad-man) and 2. Anyone who cares about this country has to be concerned about Trump, that was in context.

This context:

CORKER: I know for a fact that every single day at the White House it’s a situation of trying to contain him.


CORKER: Look, you know that. It’s not like —

MARTIN: Yes, you’re right.

CORKER: I mean, you’ve talked to enough people to know that that’s just a fact. So, thankfully we’ve got some very good people there. At least today, we’ve got some very good people there and they have been able to push back against his worst instincts.


CORKER: But yes, I mean, you know, yes. He concerns me. I mean he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. But a lot people that — Let me put it this way, I think that — So I’ll just stop there. Sure, I mean, do I want him to be successful? Absolutely.

Corker is not running for re-election this year, which de-facto gives him the freedom to speak the truth regardless of party lines. And, in this case, it seems that he is almost speaking the truth to shore up his party line because Trump is a danger. Not just to the GOP, either.

Corker spoke about the “volatility” that is “to a degree alarming” to anyone that has “been around [Trump].” However, Corker made it clear, “But again, I don’t wish him harm. He’s got people around him that have been able to keep him, generally speaking, in the middle of the road. The tweets, especially as it relates to foreign policy issues, I know have been very damaging to us, O.K..”

“I do wish [the tweets] would stop. But as evidenced this morning, [Trump] just — it’s just something he has to do,” Corker summed up, nailing the issue on the head. Our White House is an untenable position, trying to impose necessary impulse control on an adult who has none. As Corker described it ones, the White House is an “adult day care.”

Sorry, Trump, the only one who came off looking like a fool, before and after this interview, was you. The guy screaming “fake news, trapped, unfair!” over an interview observed by at least two people on the Senator’s staff and *gasp* audio recorded by all parties. The guy who made himself sound like a moron on the world stage; and that’s what the nation is “dealing with.”

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