Trump’s Own Energy Regulatory Commission Rejects His Administration’s ‘Hair-Brained’ Proposal To Prop Up Coal

Trump’s Own Energy Regulatory Commission Rejects His Administration’s ‘Hair-Brained’ Proposal To Prop Up Coal

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In another epic fail for Trump and his joke of a Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, the Republican-controlled Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rejected Perry’s emergency action proposal to put the coal industry and nuclear power on life support.

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), noted that 4 out of the 5 FERC members were appointed by Trump himself.

The facts won out in the so-called “War on Coal”: Renewables and natural gas are the way to go, proving more profitable and safer for the environment. The call to protect the grid by stockpiling coal was rejected as ill-advised. Analysts found that Perry’s plan would cost US taxpayers $10.6bn a year and that reliability of the grid is adequate.

In other words, American taxpayers won’t be on the hook just to pay for Trump’s campaign promise in this case.

Watching Republicans reject Trump’s need to belch toxic fumes into the air could hopefully be a great metaphor for what comes next in 2018.

The reality for the coal industry is looking grim, and it’s not because of some imaginary political “War on Coal.”

From The Guardian:

The Department of Energy has noted that 531 coal-generating units were retired between 2002 and 2016, while eight nuclear reactors have announced retirement plans in the past year.

The Trump administration refuses to acknowledge the reality of climate change, but part of Perry’s rationale for subsidizing the coal industry relies on responding to “weather-related stress.” He proposed that power plants be compensated for keeping a 90-day fuel supply on hand to respond to severe weather disruptions that could take out the energy grid. What he won’t say is that those disruptions have been worsened by burning fossil fuels in the first place.

“What is not debatable is that a diverse fuel supply, especially with onsite fuel capability, plays an essential role in providing Americans with reliable, resilient and affordable electricity, particularly in times of weather-related stress like we are seeing now,” Perry said.

FERC is now initiating its own proceeding to determine the actual resilience of the energy grid.

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and past three-term mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, called the FERC decision a victory for consumers.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said FERC did the right thing to reject Perry’s “hair-brained” proposal.

See more in this video from Woochit News:

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