Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Awards Fail Spectacularly After He Announces Them

Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Awards Fail Spectacularly After He Announces Them

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Donald Trump was warned that his “fake news” awards would be a very bad idea, but he did it anyway and humiliated himself.

After weeks of waiting and a delay, Trump released his previously promised list of “fake news” awards on Wednesday, and it failed spectacularly after only minutes.

Trump announced the “fake news” awards on Twitter.

But there was one problem, CBS News reported. The site didn’t work.

“The site is temporarily offline, we are working to bring it back up,” the message read when people tried accessing the list. “Please try again later.”

Naturally, Twitter users enjoyed mocking Trump’s failure.

There are so many more where those came from.

Among the awards Trump handed out, CNN received four, the New York Times received two, and ABC, the Washington Post, TIME, and Newsweek each received one.

Of course, each of these news outlets corrected and apologized for any errors they made.

One award, in particular, went to Paul Krugman of the New York Times, with Trump claiming that he made a particular claim on the day of his “historic, landslide victory.”

The problem here is that Trump did not win by a landslide. He lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes and his Electoral College win is one of the smallest in modern election history. In that way, it is “historic,” just not in the way Trump means.

Trump would go on to attack the media in a pair of tweets shortly after he announced his “fake news” awards.

But, again, this is really fake news because President Obama is responsible for the economy as it is now. Unemployment was already dropping, jobs were being added at a record pace, and the stock market was already breaking records during Obama’s tenure. Trump was operating under Obama’s final budget and Obama’s economic policies. Up until his terrible tax law in December, Trump had not signed a single major piece of economic legislation. Now that he has, it’s just a matter of time before the statement made by Krugman that Trump complained about comes to fruition.

Furthermore, he is also benefiting from Obama’s ISIS strategy, which has continued unchanged.

Predictably, Trump left Fox News off the list, even though Fox was forced to retract a story earlier this year lying about the death of Seth Rich, a story that Fox host Sean Hannity continued to push even after the retraction.

Clearly, Fox News is Trump’s propaganda machine, which is why they got a pass.

The biggest producer of fake news, of course, is Donald Trump himself, who has told over 2,000 lies since taking office. And unlike the media organizations he gave awards to, he hasn’t apologized or issued corrections for anything he has said.

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